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Taxation of international assignees - Korea

Each country has a set of unique tax laws and Korea is no exception. International assignees who come to work in Korea will encounter tax compliance and tax law issues that they have not been exposed to in their home country. The Korean tax system is complex, though through professional advice and planning, the international assignees can achieve an understanding of the tax laws and minimize their tax liabilities in Korea.

This folio is intended to help international assignees with their understanding of income tax issues before they arrive in Korea and afterwards.

  • Understanding basic principles;
  • Understanding the Korean tax system;
  • What to do before you arrive in the Republic of Korea;
  • What to do when you arrive in the Republic of Korea;
  • What to do at the end of the year;
  • What to do when you leave Republic of Korea;
  • Other matters requiring consideration;
  • Rates of income tax;
  • Retirement income deduction;
  • Tax withholding rates under the tax treaties

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